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Surface Pro – What is going on?

I have been keeping track of the Surface Pro developments for some time.  I’m grateful that the price has fallen by $100, but I’m not sure why the public refuses to adopt this device.  I feel that it provides solutions to the limitations of the tablet market.

Tablets do their jobs exceedingly well.  As a professional, I still find it difficult to rely on a tablet as your primary interface on the road.  It’s fun to poke around the screen and read your news, but when it comes to the real world I need more.  The Surface Pro provides a full Windows environment in Tablet form.  What could be better?

Windows 8 post patch has made things a little easier for the average user, but still the Surface Pro falls behind in adoption.  Here are my overall thoughts:

Microsoft’s Windows Phone didn’t take off the way they had hoped.  It’s a good OS, but it doesn’t belong on the field with Android and iOS.  Tablets gave Microsoft a way to get them where it hurt.  Instead of applying a phone OS to a tablet they went the other direction.  They applied a Desktop OS to a Tablet.  Brilliant!  I mean a Tablet can run anything a laptop can so, what went wrong?

Microsoft screwed the pooch when they thought people wanted to use Tablets like Laptops.  Turns out the average Tablet user was a technophile with a need to read news feeds while tweeting everything that popped into his/her head.  No one was using Tablets the way they had hoped.  Meanwhile, I was trying to integrate a Tablet into my professional life and finding the growing pains really annoying.  So I pretty much left the Tablet on my desk and now the battery has been dead for a month.  My wife sometimes watches movies on it while she works out.  I think that is the extent of its use.

For the professional, the Surface Pro is perfect at what it does.  I would argue that it beats iOS and Android out of the “Tablet” market, but the numbers are against me here.  If you’re an artist on a budget, buy a Surface Pro, install Photoshop and go to town.  You will love it.  If you’re an IT dork with a bunch of Windows tools, but Surface Pro. You’ll love it.  If you want to read eBooks and comics, buy something else.

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Zittrain on the NET

Jonathan Zittrain, author of The Future of the Internet–And How to Stop It reviews the current and future trend of technology and the internet. He brings up some valid points gaining praise from institutions of law. I’m not going to go over the details of his points, at least not in this post. But, his primary concern is with the underlying dark nature of the internet and its abilities. I don’t think his concerns are unfounded.

I work in the Information Technology department of a growing government body. Actually, we are splitting at the seams. One of my primary concerns is security. We often have malicious attacks by various world countries that attempt to steal and falsify data on our network. It’s a serious issue. A computer, as we know, is simply a device for running code and doing as it says. It doesn’t have the intellect to decide what “bad” code is and what “good” code is. To put it into perspective, if it were a human, it would be a person who can’t determine the difference between “kill yourself” and “smile.” Granted, I wish some people would follow the commands you give them but their brain does a bit more processing for each command given than your household computer.

Here is where I depart from Mr. Zittrain. He wants us to fix the internet. I don’t. The internet is our looking glass into us. It only shows us what we put into it. And it’s no wonder that one in ten web sites is implanted with malicious software designed to sell us something or harm our computer. When I step outside and drive to work; as I look around, I see people trying to sell me their trash (not literally). I turn to NPR and listen to the latest numbers of people dying all over the place. Self-promotion and destruction is everywhere. Is it any wonder that the internet reflects those things? No!

BUT! That is not reason for alarm. The internet also has a brighter side. And while we are still uncertain about the future of the internet, we are just as uncertain about our own futures. It could really go either way. I’ll continue to hope for the best. Don’t change my internet. Let it evolve alongside ourselves.

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