Surface Pro – What is going on?

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I have been keeping track of the Surface Pro developments for some time.  I’m grateful that the price has fallen by $100, but I’m not sure why the public refuses to adopt this device.  I feel that it provides solutions to the limitations of the tablet market.

Tablets do their jobs exceedingly well.  As a professional, I still find it difficult to rely on a tablet as your primary interface on the road.  It’s fun to poke around the screen and read your news, but when it comes to the real world I need more.  The Surface Pro provides a full Windows environment in Tablet form.  What could be better?

Windows 8 post patch has made things a little easier for the average user, but still the Surface Pro falls behind in adoption.  Here are my overall thoughts:

Microsoft’s Windows Phone didn’t take off the way they had hoped.  It’s a good OS, but it doesn’t belong on the field with Android and iOS.  Tablets gave Microsoft a way to get them where it hurt.  Instead of applying a phone OS to a tablet they went the other direction.  They applied a Desktop OS to a Tablet.  Brilliant!  I mean a Tablet can run anything a laptop can so, what went wrong?

Microsoft screwed the pooch when they thought people wanted to use Tablets like Laptops.  Turns out the average Tablet user was a technophile with a need to read news feeds while tweeting everything that popped into his/her head.  No one was using Tablets the way they had hoped.  Meanwhile, I was trying to integrate a Tablet into my professional life and finding the growing pains really annoying.  So I pretty much left the Tablet on my desk and now the battery has been dead for a month.  My wife sometimes watches movies on it while she works out.  I think that is the extent of its use.

For the professional, the Surface Pro is perfect at what it does.  I would argue that it beats iOS and Android out of the “Tablet” market, but the numbers are against me here.  If you’re an artist on a budget, buy a Surface Pro, install Photoshop and go to town.  You will love it.  If you’re an IT dork with a bunch of Windows tools, but Surface Pro. You’ll love it.  If you want to read eBooks and comics, buy something else.

Surface Pro Website


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